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#NASSRadio - The NFL and Greg Hardy, Stadium Financing and Drug War In Sports

#NASSRadio - The NFL and Greg Hardy, Stadium Financing and Drug War In Sports

October 17, 2015

This week on Not Another Sports Show, a Radical Look at Sports - a weekly news hour about the various intersections between the world of sports, politics and activism:

  • The NFL, Dallas Cowboys and local sport media has done what in response to Greg Hardy's recent interview?
  • Stadium funding schemes abound from St. Louis and the NFL to Miami and the MLS
  • Jeff Novitzky makes a return to defend his indefensible work against Barry Bonds
  • Fighters and the public are outraged about Nick Diaz's 5 year suspension
...and more!

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#NASSRadio / Oct. 3, 2015

#NASSRadio / Oct. 3, 2015

October 4, 2015

This week on Not Another Sports Show - leftist sports radio

-owners wanting the public to finance their private wealth development
-Jeb Bush shills for racist team names and explains why we shouldn't listen to him
-an update on the NCAA appeal of the O'Bannon class action lawsuit
-a Milwaukee Bucks stadium supporter makes a tone deaf, ignorant set of statements that have to be seen/heard to be believed
...and lots more!